Warriors at Home

The Monthly Dinners are for veterans and their families to come, make friends, check in with their buddies, and lean on each other for emotional support, if needed. The Dinners will be on the 2nd Thursday of every month and each month we will be at a different restaurant throughout the community. So bring your family for dinner with friends!

These dinners are not mental health groups. There is no therapy or counseling that takes place. There is only bonding and fellowship with other veterans that are going through, or have been through, similar issues.

We will also give updates on new events that will be offered through the organization.

Different events will be offered every month. They are held to allow the veteran to relax and unwind from their day to day life. Some of our events will be for veterans only and some will be for the whole family!

Follow our Facebook page for a complete listing of all Dinners and Events, which are updated monthly. 


Dinners and Events